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John Edwards Endorses Barack Obama!

This is fantastic.  Many were wondering why he did not endorse before North Carolina.  TallJames over at Daily Kos has a fantastic look at why now was the right time to endorse.  Basically, everyone knew Obama was going to win North Carolina by double digits, and everyone knew Clinton was going to win West Virginia in a blow-out, thus, if Edwards was to have endorsed Obama before now they (the pundits) would have been spouting a meme that even with Edwards’ endorsement Obama could not win W.V.  Last night’s endorsement was perfectly timed.  It was not a knee-jerk reaction.  It was not out of panic.  It was because now would be the best time to endorse and help in the General Election, and also sway super delegates to show that Obama still has momentum after W.V.

How I wish I could have  been in Grand Rapids last night.  Many of you know I was an Edwards supporter before switching to Obama after Edward’s dropped out.  ScottyUrb was there.  Awesome!


P.S.  Attorney General John Edwards has a nice ring to it.  Oil Comapanies and War profiteers be ye warned!

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Some Fun Ads

Gov. Bill Richardson is the governor of New Mexico, former UN Ambassador…many other things…and running for President.  I am currently pulling for John Edwards, but I would have little problem pulling for Richardson if he were to win the nod…I would love to see him as Sec. of State in an Edwards administration…anyhoo…this clip has two of the best and funniest campaign commercials I have ever seen.  You get more personality from a candidate in the next minute that you usually do an entire campaing.   Enjoy…