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Really? … Really? … Nooo…Really?

Umm…I don’t even know how to post this with out laughing.  (I guess you really can’t tell I am laughing since my typing is emotionless…anyhoo) It seems there is a certain animal rights group who is seeking to change what we call those things that swim in the water…you know the ones with scales and gills presently called FISH.  In an effort to make them more cute and cuddley they want to call them SEA KITTENS.  I am not kidding.  Here is a link to the Ad Age page about this story…it links to the actual page of the animal rights organization.

I agree with The Hunger Artist, from whom I got this story, the funiest part of this whole thing is the fact that they want to change then name of fish to that of a carnivore who feeds upon fish.  Irony thy name rhymes with DETA.


Back in the Pool, or How I Made My Boss Stop, Look and Laugh

Many of my friends know that I competitively swam for many years.  Well, Mae and I have returned to the pool.  I am currently working a program to get me back to swimming a mile within 6-weeks.   Presently I am on week 2.  From there, I will begin creating actual workouts.  I did not realize how much I missed swimming.  It is one of my favorite things to do.

HOWEVER, I learned from my doctor a while ago when I went in with an earache that I have a deformed right ear canal.  Instead of my canal going straight to the middle ear (see here for a medical chart of the inner ear), my canal dip before hitting my middle ear.  So water and wax (sorry for the gross) just sits there; Q-Tips do not work 100% of the time.

This leads me to the sub-title of this post.

This morning we went for a swim, and as I was making coffee at the office I head the familiar swish in my right ear telling me it was time to dance.  So, I took a napkin and stuck it in my ear and began to hop up and down (this ritual seems to work, but occasionally I am approached by amorous woodland creatures who think this is some sort of mating dance…).  As I was doing the Pylean dance of water exunticus my boss walked into the pantry.  Stopped.  Grinned.  Laughed. And said the only reasonable thing…”Went swimming, huh?”  “Yup.”  “Good Job!”

See below for a variation of the Pylean dance of water eunticus.