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Quick Moring Post Before I Go Study

I am getting ready for my last class of my first week back to school in 10 years.  I have been blown away by how much this week has confirmed my call.  I feel where I am supposed to be and am grateful beyone meausre.  This week has been an emotional one, as I have experience the Divine Presence more than I have in a long, long time.  I think it stems from Rev. Dr. Craig Satterlee’s homily from the first day of classes.

He preached on the Mark passage (7:24-37) focusing on Jesus’ command to the deaf and dumb man to “Ephphatha” to “Be Open.”  That is what I have tried to do this week.  When I received a 39 page sylabus I was intimidated, but when I went to class with an open heart and mind my fears were released.  When I need a book until mine get here I am open to the gift of hospitality by a student who had that class last year and offered to loan me hers.  When, yesterday at convocation, 200 people gather at the table all singing the prayer “Take, Oh Take Me As I Am” I opened myself up to experience the Divine Presence that is the mystery of Grace at the Table.

I pray that I keep allowing myself to ephphatha.  I pray you all find ways to be opened.


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