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Are They Really That Angry?

I am at a loss for words as to why republicans and their talk radio puppet masters are so angry at the president.  Why are they actively hoping for his failure?  Why do they shoot down everything he proposes?  Why are they doing everything they can to try to cause him to fail?

They holler when he proposes an economic stimulus package.  They call him a free spending irresponsible dope.  They chastise him when he proposes a way to pay for the stimulus by raising the rich peoples taxes to a rate that was lower than it was under their hero, Ronald Reagan.   They say we need heal care reform, but refuse to look at any option that does not boost their shares in the insurance industry.

They propose to boycott GM because the government has stepped in to SAVE THOUSANDS OF JOBS.  They call GM a socialist enterprise.  They will not by AMERICAN because somehow their fragile little bubble has been burst.

Ed Schultz went on a tear last night about this:

Ed: We are talking about hundreds of thousands of Americans.  And this is what they have?  They openly say, if you‘re angry.  No, I think the word is “if you hate Obama.”  If you hate Obama. If you can‘t stand the fact that he‘s having success as a president.  If you just hate the fact that this guy has got a 60-plus percent approval rating.  He‘s trying to save American industry.

If you hate him that much, don‘t buy a GM and don‘t buy a Chrysler.  Now the thing that bothers me, this is the crowd that was on the president because they didn‘t—he didn‘t wear a lapel pin. This is the crowd that wrap themselves in the flag and said that the liberals weren‘t American.

His tirade was against Hugh Hewitt who called for a GM boycott as a way to resist socialism.

To all those who wish to fight socialism please do the following:

Stay of the Interstate Highways;

Do not call the fire department when your house is burning;

When your house is robbed do not call the police;

When your grandmother is sick do not allow her to use medicare;

When your kid needs education do not use the public schools;

When you are sick do not take medicine becasue it has been tested by the socialist FDA;

Do not leave your house because our streets are owned by the people, those socialists;

When you need a book don’t you dare step foot in the library;

When you want to deposit your paycheck it better not be in a bank since they have been bailed out;

When your bank fails you better not ask for your federally insure money.

Seriously, Is this the end of the world?  Do you care more about power than being a citizen?  These are bad times.  Sacrifice is needed and maybe we should stop thinking about just ourselves for the moment and think about our neighbors.  We take care of each other.  Friends, that is what it means to be a citizen of this country.  We look out for our neighbor when she is down.  We pay more to the commons when the commons are most needed.

Before you get all hot and bothered about the government helping to bailout workers, the manufacturers, the base of our economy (without whom we would have no economy) think about how your neighbor, friend, family member will be effected if they do not.


2 thoughts on “Are They Really That Angry?

  1. justaddh2o says:

    my email is constantly bombarded of how much of a sheepole and a pansy liberal that I am. i do not know why they are so angry…last tirade forwarded to me was about Mike Savage (in which I deleted). I can’t handle all these negativity…Talk Radio is nothing but sensational journalism.

  2. JeffR60 says:

    If you continue to be perplexed over this during Obama’s 4 or 8 year run, just remember that all these people on the right spent the previous 8 year run of Bush saying the same thing about the left. Swap out names and incidents in what you wrote above and it would match what many on the right wrote and experienced over the previous 8 years.

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