My Birthday. It’s Tru.

Today is my birthday.  I do not normally announce it.  It is not that I am one of those who is concerned about my age.  In fact, I love getting older.  They tell me it makes one wiser.  But I am blogging today so I can talk about the amazing dinner Mae and I had on Monday for my birthday.  

I love food.  I love dining.  I love sitting around a table and chewing the fat.  I think if we all sat around a table more often we would all be a lot happier and healthier.  As much as I love food I had never been to a truly fancy resturaunt.  That is until Monday.  We went to Tru.  It is an amazing place.  The chef/owner Rick Tramonto and the Pastry Chef Gale Gand were both judges on Top Chef: Chicago.  They bring a sense of fun and sophistication to their craft.  

A friend asked if I minded eating art.  I said no.  I love temporary art.  That is what drew me to theater and draws me to this type of cuisine.  It is art fine tuned by craft.  It is in constant search for perfection, so we start over with each show/dish.

Without futher ado…Our meal:


We opened the menu and we had a special note.


We decided to partake of the 3 course Prix Fixe Menu.  We were a little intimidated, so we did not take any pix of the appetizer course, but Mae had the Prudence Island Oysters and I had the Sarsaprilla Quail.  They were both great.  Prior to both of those we were treated to a canape of duck confit with a potato mash on a brussel sprout leaf.  Mae likened it to a Thanksgiving meal in one bite.


We loosened up bit and enjoyed an amuse bouche of a pork pate with a lentil relish.  We then had our main courses:  Lamb Three Ways and the Salt Crusted Venison.


Mae’s Lamb dish.  Loin, Belly and Sweetbreads.


Hers also cam with what we called fries and ketchup.


My Venison.


Us before digging in.


We had fun tasting each others dish.  I was so proud that Mae ate sweetbreads.  Pork kidney here we come!

After our mains we were treated to another amuse.   This was a granita.  Very refreshing and palate cleansing.

Dessert was next.  Mae had an apple crisp with spun sugar and I had a Greek yogurt panna cotta with mint julep ice cream.


After dessert they came around with a sweets cart.  Mae and I each had a piece of opera cake and I had a couple of small crackers and a piece of white choclate.  These were all bite size pieces.

When we thought we were finally done our server came to the table with this.


What a great surprise.  

We had a great time.  Thanks to all the servers for helping us to unwind a little bit.  We want to go back some time (when we have plenty of cash saved) and try the sommelier’s tasting menu.  All you are given are the wines and the food is a surprise.

We will be back!


2 thoughts on “My Birthday. It’s Tru.

  1. susq says:

    Oh man! I missed your birthday 😦 I hope it was a very happy day–looks like you both enjoyed the fancy pants meal you had!

    Our trip to Rock Island went well. Got back tired last night. Erik had a very busy day interviewing and Jannah and I cruised around the Quad cities with a very nice Realtor. Jannah was pumped to be able to swim in the hotel pool, too!

    At least once a day now Jannah will say your names…it’s pretty sweet. It helps that she’s got a few pictures around to look at 🙂

    Have a great day after your birthday!

  2. Amydale says:

    Justin, Happy Way Belated Birthday! Your dinner looked beautiful and amazing and fun. I’m glad you two were able to treat yourselves for a wonderful meal. What an experience. I loved just looking at the photos.

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