Work and Rest

Rest and work.

We went to Mae’s folks place in Spring Valley, MN for Thanksgiving.  I was in much need of a break.  I have not had an extended time off work since January.  I have been looking forward to this break for a while.

Spring Valley is one of my favorite places to go.  My in-laws line on 8 acres about 5 miles outside of Spring Valley, a town of about 2,500.  Coming from Chicago it is a drastic change.

I was exhausted.

I did a lot of work.

I learned how to change oil, which eventually led to learning how to replace a heater fan which entailed removing an alternator.  A 20 minute oil change turned into a 4 hour job.  All the while my father in law was teaching me how to do all of this.

After that we went to the roof of their house.  My in-laws have replaced shingles with a steel roof.  It was at about 90% completion when we got there.  My dad in law and I headed to the roof to install the ridge cap to the roof.  We got one of the 6 pieces installed before the roof began to get too slick to work on.  We continued the job on Saturday.  We spent about 4 hours up there and finished the job.  The roof was about about 98%.  Just the edge flashing needs to go on.  I, unfortunately, will not be there to help with that.

After we finished the roof we loaded up the tractor with the remaining firewood … splitting as neeeded (they have a wood burning furnace) and tossed it into the basement.  We then went and cut up some of the downed trees around the property for some new wood.

Needless to say, I did a lot of work this weekend.  I am more rested than I was when I went.

There is a purity in the work that helped to refresh me, body and mind.

I had a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “Work and Rest

  1. sounds like fun. Jannah watched her “Bampa” Steve throw in a load of wood into the basement this weekend, too. There’s something about going home and being in the country that’s very refreshing. Glad you were able to be restful and thankful 🙂
    We leave here Tues after work and head to Wheaton. It looks like Erik will be busy all the days from breakfast to supper time–he meets with all the professors one on one, gives a talk, teaches an intro class and tours. He’ll be super tired after the days!
    I’m not sure if Jannah and I join him for any meals or what exactly we’ll be doing. I have to admit, I’m a bit nervous about driving alone to your place one of those nights. Do you think it would be a hard drive? It’s mostly the driving with a one year old while she’s awake, possibly in trafffic, that makes me nervous 🙂 Let me know what you guys think.
    Talk to you soon, Sus

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