6 things…

My god-baby’s momma, Susie, just tagged me, and since it has been a while since I have done one of these things I thought why not….

I am supposed to post 6 random/Kreative things about me…you see it came with and award!

kreativ_blogger_award_copy1So…Here goes…

1.)  I am really into cooking (most folks know that), but I am getting into offal cooking and ways to use the whole animal.   If I am going to ask an animal to by my food, I should respect it enough to use the whole thing.

2.)  That leads into one of my theological focuses (focusi ?)…Farming, Husbandry and Food ethics.  I believe all these things tie together and deal with both the cause and effect of our degridation of our Earth.  I believe that the Earth is ours as a gift, and we must care for her, and by being ethical cooks, eaters, farmers we can help her heal and help make good food!

3.)  I really, really want to write a novel…the problem is I have aprox. 1 bazillion ideas in my head and that would just make for a confusing novel.

4.)  I have trouble thinking of answers to these things…especially with no direct questions.

5.)  I spend wayyy to much time on Facebook…really…too much.

6.)  I love to travel.  I really love our trips to Minnesota.  I love the drive up there and I love being at Debby and Nevin’s and being in the middle of nothing.  I have lived in the city since 1999 but I think at heart I am a small town kind of guy.

So, there ye go.  I guess I have to tag some folks…

Tripp, Cliff, Sally, Jorge, LarryShannon


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