Barack Obama


Scary things happened on the campaign trail yesterday.

As Sarah Palin was saying that Barack Obama was “pallin’ around with terrorists” one of her audience yelled out “Kill Him.”  She did not stop and rebuke the comment.  Benefit of the doubt here…maybe she did not hear it, but it is clear in the audio.  Instead she kept on rallying the troops.  Throwing the false assertions that Obama is bff with Bill Ayers and throwing the race bait of Rev. Wright into the mix.  As she was ranting about the media the crowd begain yelling at the press pool.  Telling an African American sound guy to, “sit down. Boy!”

McCain was throwing the same kitchen sink and an audience member called Obama a terrorist.  McCain did hear it as he reacted to it.  If he were acting presidential, instead of a petulant old man, he would have stopped that right there.  Told the joker that that was not true.  Held them accountable, but, no, he kept on going.

Here is a good recap of both events.

McCain/Palin has nothing to gain by discussing the issues.  They are loosing on all points.  One electoral map (probably the most accurate.  Fivethirtyeight was within a couple of points on all primary contests) is showing Obama with 385 ev and McCain with 192 ev.  You need 277 Electoral votes to win.   McCain/Palin is desperate, and they only thing they can do is throw out the same race bating bs that came out during the primary.  The good thing about now, and all of those ridiculous claims have already been debunked.

It is SO sad that they have to play to this absolute lowest common denominator.  Luckily, I trust the American people enough to see through this garbage.


John Coltrane wrote this song in memory of the victims of the 16th Street Baptist Church bombing.  It is a call to rise up and above the bigotry of the lowest.


On the Sunday morning of 15 September 1963 a dozen sticks of dynamite were planted by white racists in the basement of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. At 10.45am the bomb went off, killing four young black girls aged between 11 and 14.

Coltrane wrote the song ‘Alabama’ in response to the bombing. He patterned his saxophone playing on Martin Luther King’s funeral speech. Midway through the song, mirroring the point where King transforms his mourning into a statement of renewed determination for the struggle against racism, Elvin Jones’s drumming rises from a whisper to a pounding rage. He wanted this crescendo to signify the rising of the civil rights movement.

May we rise and fight this hate.


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