Barack Obama


If social security would have been privatized like Pres.Bush wanted.

Today the Dow closed at 10,917.51.

On Jan. 22, 2001 (the first trading day after Bush was sworn in)  the Dow closed at 10,578.24 

So in eight years there has been a whopping gain of 3.3%.

Had you put $10,000 in the Dow in 2001 you would have added $330 to that amount in 8 years.

Now I know that is simplified, but the point still stands that the deregulation of wall street, and the theory of trickle down economics  has througholy destroyed.  

I have family members who have 401(k) that have lost $10,000 of their value.  Thank goodness there is social security to help supplement those losses.  Had SS been privatized, there would be nothing left for them.  

So, do not believe Those in power when they say the fundamentals of our economy are strong.  As they did today:

That is why we need change.  We need leadership that does not think, “it’s easy for me to be in Washington and frankly be somewhat divorced from the day-to-day challenges people have.”


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