Barack Obama

Community Organizer

Community = Ghetto; Organizer = Activist.

This is the meme that Giuliani and Palin were getting at last night.  That meme was begun by Rush a few days ago.

Unfortunately they have no clue about what community organizers do.  They are just race baiting.  I am sick at this.  They are trying to paint Obama as a radical.  They are being either willfully ignorant or deceptive, because community organizers are the ones one the front lines of communities that are trying to rebuild.  They see eye to eye with those who have lost their jobs, lost their homes, and yet are trying to pull themselves up.  They see eye to eye the suffering and hopefulness that a Mayor does not see.

Journalist Roland Martin was on the floor of the convention last night.  He had this to say:

Think about it.

(h/t to Bilmon and NJTpkExit9 for inspiring this.)


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