Barack Obama

A Quick Observation

From what I have heard the last 2 nights…Rebulicans have yet to mention anything about the state of our Union.  All they are talking about is war, terror, and the lie that Obama will raise taxes…well, not a lie, but he is only going to rasing taxes on most of the speakers, but I would bet most of the delegates make less than $250,000.

They have yet to offer any solutions.  All they can do is mock and belittle.

I am not being a sensitive democrat here.  I know this is politics and the fight is part of it.  Fine.  But mocking and belittleing does nothing but make the people in auditiorium and those already voting for you fired up.  I doubt many folks were actually swayed by the speeches last night.

What do they have to offer except a drumbeat for war, and economic policies that are the same as the last 30 years?


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