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Appeasement v. Diplomacy

President Bush, recently, did something that is extremely inappropriate in a couple of ways.  First of all, he compared a certain senator’s willingness to sit down with “enemies” as a form of appeasement comparable to Chamberlain meeting with Hitler.  Secondly, he did this while addressing a group in a foreign country.  The U.S. has a policy of not attacking political opponents from overseas.  It not only reeks of desperation, but just a lack of class.

Bush was trying to villianize Obama for his wanting to actually work through diplomatic channels instead of brute force.  The talking points of calling Obama an appeaser are starting to make their way through the news.  However, I have a feeling this meme will not last long.  In the clip below a Right Wing talkshow host is on Hardball, and start to rail against Obama calling him an appeaser.  Well, after about 5 minutes of his screaming and ranting, Chris Matthews is finally able to challenge that assertion.  (Anyone who has ever seen Hardball knows that it is near impossible to not let Matthews get a word in.)  Matthews repeatedly tries to get this guy to define what he means by calling Obama an appeaser.  This guy has no sense of history, nor any access to a dictionary.  He has no clue what is saying and pretty much admits such.

Diplomacy is talking with the enemy trying to resolve the situation through talks.  Appeasement is talking with the enemy and then as a token of giving them something.  (Chamberlain appeased Hitler by giving him half of what was the Czechoslovakia.  Only to empower Hitler.)

Bush does not realize that his administration actually did the whole diplomacy thing.  If you remember correctly North Korea is part of the axis of evil.  Well, Bush was wanting to bomb them into the stone age a few years ago, but at the request of our allies in the area we actually sat down to TALK with the North Koreans.  You know what happened?  We are not having an Asian front to the war on terror, but we are working with the North Koreans to come to an end of their nuclear program.

Mr. Bush, is your administration an administration of appeasement or diplomacy?

Here is the clip.  Matthews lays down the law at about 4 minutes.


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