Barack Obama, Dr. Cornel West

Dr. Cornel West

I came across this interview with Dr. Cornel West. It is with Al-Jazeera in English. First of all, why can American new programs be like this. If the news does not fit in a 2-minute sound byte it does not make the broadcast. This is a 20 minute interview (in 2 parts).

Dr. West is asked about many things through out the course of this interview, but mostly about Sen. Obama and his support for Obama. The Rev. Wright flap is brought up, and hip-hop, and are we really in a post-racial era.

Dr. West’s response to Rev. Wright was right on. I am going to paraphrase because I did not write the quote down, but he said something to the effect of: The cross should not be subjugated to the flag, and here is a man who will not allow that to happen. Here is a man who will not allow the cross to be subjugated to any flag; instead he will subjugate the flag to the cross.

Re: Obama. When he gets elected I will dance. I will dance on the morning of his inauguration and I will break dance in the evening, BUT the next day I will become his biggest critic. He must be held accountable.

I love this man!



One thought on “Dr. Cornel West

  1. I think Dr. Cornel West is right on target in his beliefs and remarks to the questions he was asked.I would like to see him have more national air time and exposure to the media. Were more people can be exposed to a man with knowledge, wisdom and understanding about the consequence of our actions and behaviors.

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