Jimmy Carter, New Baptist Covenant

Atlanta Day 4 — I’m Tired, or Put Your Hand in the hand

…of the man from Plains.

Yup today it happened.  I got to have a few words with number 39.  Mr. Carter and I exchanged pleasantries and I expressed my gratefulness for his vision, and he thanked me.  We shook hands and the angels sang.  Over these last few days I have begun to truly see this plain spoken, humble man as a prophet of the Lord.  He is saying and doing the work of the Lord without regard to what people say.  He is willing to be rejected in his homeland if it means the word is touching those who need it.

Today we heard much great preaching.  I will not be posting notes tonight, as I am exhausted and it is pushing 11:30.  I will post notes sometime in the near future.

Today’s sermons were given by Joel Gregory and Charles Adams.  Both of these men preach with a prophetic voice, and have a wisdom I can only dream of.   It is a shame I am so tired, as these 2 were quite dynamic.

Messages were delivered by Sen. Chuck Grasley of Iowa and Pres. Bill Clinton.  Grasley talked mainly about the farm bill and how it will impact our farmers and those around the world.  Pres. Clinton gave a dynamic talk.  He put aside his prepared notes and spoke from the heart.  He began by giving his baptist story, and how he became dis-enchanted.  But his focus was on reconciliation with his Southern Baptist tradition.  That reconciliation has to be based in love, and no matter what they may say about us, we must respond in love.  He brought us the section in 2 Corinth. about faith hope and love and the greatest is love…but why?  Because we see through the glass darkly.  We do not know the fullness of God, and the only way to respond is in love, because, heck, we may be wrong.  It was great.

Testimonies came from David Satcher the former Surgeon General and Hanna Massad, pastor of the only protestant church in the Gaza Strip.  Both me have compelling stories.

The special sessions I went to were Welcoming the Stranger and Public Policy and Faith.  Notes to follow.

We are going to the ABC-USA Breakfast tomorrow morning and then heading to Louisville to spend the night with my brother before heading back on sunday.

I will see you all later.  Thanks for reading and check back soon for more notes on today’s session.


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