New Baptist Covenant

Atlanta Day 1

Well, 12 hours to the nose after we left Chicago, Mae and I arrived at our hotel in Atlanta, Ga.  We are here for the New Baptist Covenant Celebration.

When we left Chicago this morning it was cloudy and 45 degrees and expected to drop.  Atlanta when we arrived was 65 and overcast.  It is supposed to rain most of the time we are to be here, but nothing will make us leave.  Dixie threw her best at us yankees as soon as we crossed the Mason-Dixon Line.  As soon as we hit Louisville, KY it started pouring and did not let up until well after Nashville.  Many parts of the drive I could see no further than 3-4 lines in the road ahead of me.  But, alas, we Yankees persevered and made it.

Tomorrow begins at noon with registration and the exhibit hall.  The first session is at 7 p.m.   I hope to update daily.

We are now off to get some pizza for supper.


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