I just read the newest doomsday scenario for the CTA in the Chicago Tribune, and it is not good.  Every bus option I used will be eliminated beginning Jan. 6, 2008.  Leaving only the eL Train (whose prices will go up during rush hour).  Right now I have several bus options to get to and  from work.  I can take the 144, 146, 147, or  151.  Beginning Jan. 6 the only one of those remaining in service will be the 151.  The other 3 buses are express buses that get on Lake Shore Drive at different points.  The 151 is a local.  Meaning my already 45 minute bus ride would probably double.  I am glad I have decided to take up winter biking this year.

Of course, all of this is dependent upon the state passing a budget helping the CTA to fill the funding gap.  Explained here.

I am attaching a link to the PDF found here. Look at your routes, and see what you will have to change.

Also, go here to find out who your represenative in the Illinois General Assembly are, and let them know to fight to for more funding.


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