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Friday Music Club — Update

Last week I profiled the Chicago band oh my god. I received the below message in my myspace account. Please keep them in thoughts and prayers.


Van accident…oh my god tour cancelled

We are so sad to report that a terrible, head-on collision in Ohio (someone crossed way over the center line and hit us straight on) has left me typing this with my left hand only, and has forced us to cancel the rest of our fall tour. We have among us serious knee, wrist, back, finger and nose fractures. Everyone in the band is alive, and if you’d witnessed this crash you’d be surprised about that. So we are thankful for that.

Thanks so much to all of you who’ve already heard and have sent us such warm wishes. We have months of recovery and physical therapy ahead of us. Hopefully we’ll see you after that…lots of love,
ig w/ Billy, Bish & Matt


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