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Friday Music Club

Today’s music club is coming with a little political thought. I had something else planned, but after the tragedy Wednesday night, and finding out yesterday there is one classmate of Mae’s that no one can get a hold of [update: we think we found him, and he is not even in MN right now]; and Tripp’s trip to NOLA I have changed plans.

Tripp is doing some volunteer work in St. Bernard’s Parish, and said the devastation is worse than he imagined. That is something one normally hears within the months following a devastating act of nature. We are now going on 2 YEARS. Two years and the devastation is still worse than one can imagine. This is not because of the will and work ethic of the people down there. They are doing what they can to rebuild their lives.

The finger pointing that went on yesterday (and I know I was guilty) points to the same problem that is facing NOLA. I hope it does not happen in Minnesota.

The problem in both cases is a failure of the government to protect the people. Because of stupid pledges not to raise taxes the Gov. of MN vetoed a bill that would allow the state to match federal monies intended for infrastructure repair. Because of the incessant need to privatize everything NOLA is still in devastation. On top of that, the private companies in charge of rebuilding are cronies, and taking their time because they continue to get hefty paychecks.

The government’s purpose is to provide for the safety and security of her people. This can not happen when those jobs are doled out to people in it only for the money. The for-profit sector can not be given the responsibility to re-build after tragedies or during war. They are after only the money. They take as long as they can to do the job.

The government should provide her people with the means to rebuild. The federal and state government should institute, in conjunction with trade unions, training programs for the newly unemployed to learn a trades to help rebuild. The federal government should, when it learns of infrastructure deficiencies, urge states to pass the necessary legislation to make those improvements. And if they do not, the federal government should take over that area of need until the state can handle the problem.

We, the people, of the United States have a unique ability to overcome many things. We, when the government fails, schedule youth group trips to the lower ninth to help put new floors in a house. We take our vacation time to go help those who need it. The thing is, is we still need help to do that.

Here is an example of that spirit, this clip is from the New Orleans Saints first game back at the Superdome. Here are Greenday and U2.


and a couple more


40 (notice the reversal…Edge on Bass and Adam on Guitar)


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