Bob Dylan, humor, music


from Tripp

Lyrics to favorite song, translated into German, translated into French, back to English.

Subterranean Homesick Blues by Bob Dylan

In the cellar which it medicine I am mixture, on Plasterung thinking of Johnnys of the government the man in the layer of ditch the badge, known as outside deposited which he would like bad to cough him far from the sight of the kids has maintenance paid which somethin is to him, ‘ you god knows made, when however it doin ‘ to be to him, you duck the lane Lookin manner ‘ for a new friend niederwerfen, the man in the skin of bear of washing hat in the large feather of eleven lights of dollar wishes ‘ again better ‘, that you not receive that 10

Maggie came foot from fleet face fully of heat used companies in the bed, in one way or another Maggie however struck to strongly sell to be A. Blick kids to constitute not, which him them toes point to try not “not Doz” better stay far those to go which pipe of clean fire maintenance nose clock level clothing to carry around which, him not man time to require, know, that that manner which it wind

grid will receive you maladivement, receives hangs you around to ink well bell of ring probably, to explain hard, if all that goin is, ‘, the attempt, of held maintenance of maintenance of return, writing blindenschrift of writing to strike guarantee of jump connects the army, if you leave a sight of the kids which you, however users, that parkin of the ‘ measuring instruments follows to you amp√®reheure, put at the world of maintenance the short hot trousers of the maintenance, Romanze, learns from maintenance equipped to dance, receives an attempt blessed to be around a success please of it, it, request of the gifts of purchase do not steal them, twenty years schoolin do not raise ‘ and place you on the day shift at sight of the kids who hold it to the bottom him all the best jump dissimulated a hole of penetration light, a candle not carry, for the scandals to avoid would not like Gammler being, you it rubber to better chew who do not work the pump ‘ causes, Vandalen the handles took


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