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Ratcheting Up

This past weekend Joe Leiberman was on Face the Nation calling for an attack on Iran. What is scary about this is the fact that Joe was sent out there by the administration to test the waters. To see if A. people are paying attention and B. people will react.

War games have been played off the coast of Iran since November. The administration and Joe are claiming that we need to bomb Iran because al-Quaida is coming in through Iran and attacking Americans in Iraq. This is a lie. Only about 5% of the “enemy” in Iraq is al-Quaida. Most of the violence directed at Americans is coming from BOTH sides of the civil war raging in Iraq. Our kids are clay pigeons in the skeet shoot that is this fucked up war. The administration is ready to attack.

So, what does this mean. WW-III.

If we were to attack Iran. They would retaliate by attacking Israel. They would have allies from China and Russia on their side. And we would LOOSE and ally in the war in Afghanistan. You see, Iran is helping the United States in the “hunt” for bin-Laden.

Pray for Peace. Pray for calm. Pray for diplomacy.


Contact your members of Congress here and here. Tell them to fight.


Go Here: and sign the letter, and it will be sent to directly to the White House.

If the worst happens. Be willing to fight back. Take part in protests. Get active.

I am stopping now as I am about to loose my cool and go off on an anti-apathy rant.


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