Prayers Elizabeth Edwards has announced that he…


Elizabeth Edwards has announced that her cancer has returned. During a press conference this morning, she and her husband, John, told us the cancer had returned and was affecting her bones. She has survied breast cancer, which began to make her ill towards the end of the 2004 presidential campaign. But now the beast is in her rib.

John will continue to run for president, and Elizabeth will be with him while she is undergoing treatment. They and the doctors are extremely optimistic about the potential for treatment, as right now she is asymptomatic, so they caught the diease very early.

The tumor was discovered in a similar way to my friend Tony’s was. He slipped and fell on some ice and cracked a rib this winte. Upon getting chest x-rays for his ribs, spots in his lungs were discovered. He has been treated and is doing well. Mrs. Edwards went to the hospital for a cracked rib, and they discovered something worrying on the other side.

Mrs. Edwards would make a fantastic first lady. She is part of the reason I am in the Edwards camp now. Sen. Edwards and I agree on many issues, and I think he is the real deal. Mrs. Edwards is a brilliant, compassionate, and overall lovely woman. She would be a wonderful person to be the face of the USA.

When they blog on Daily Kos (and how many time in a presidential campaign to you hear the words they when talking about a candidate and his/her spouse?), she and the Sen. both stick around and answer comments, but she will still be there long after John has had to move on.

Please pray for Mrs. Edwards. She has gone through a lot (breast cancer and the loss of their oldest son), and says they can handle this, but they can use a little boost. Send them good thoughts.



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