From Larry Greenfield Partners in the Gospel, A…

From Larry Greenfield

Partners in the Gospel,

As American Baptists and other Christians gather this evening for prayer and Bible study, President Bush will be addressing the nation about his new plan for Iraq.

It is expected that he will announce an increase in the number of U.S. solders committed to the war and massive new expenditures for programs in that country.

As we all know, there is already great public controversy about these presidential decisions on a highly unpopular war.

I ask that you keep the President, members of Congress, and our Armed Services in your prayers this evening and in the coming days and weeks prayers that these Americans will be genuinely open to God’s leading, which surely will be directing us in the ways of peace, lessening the killing and maiming and destruction, and allowing our nation’s wealth to be used for meeting human need at home and around the world.

Let us also pray, as Jesus teaches us, for those who are our enemies.

And may our prayers for peace also empower us to be activists for peace in our nation, in which we the people should rule.

May the peace and power of God be with you.

In the cause of the Evangel,

Larry L. Greenfield
Executive Minister
American Baptist Churches of Metro Chicago


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