Whitney for Governor Hi All, With the election …

Whitney for Governor

Hi All,

With the election coming up i thought I would pass this along to you. You can go to the above linked page, or the links at the bottom for more info.

I plan on voting for Rick Whitney for Governor. He is the green party candiatate. For those scared by that, don’t be. The Green Party is not some hippie drippie party. THey are a populist party. They are libertarian. Only instead shut up and get out of the way government, it is a we’ll shut up and help you out.

Here are links to a recent Suntimes Article, and a Chicago Tribune article.

Rick is providing a viable candidate, so if you are afraid of wasting a vote, don’t be. If Rick gets even 5% of the vote, the green party becomes a permanat part of the ballot in Illinois. Right now he is at 13% and growing. Judy is only at 25%.

Here is a recent email I got, please pass it along.


Hey Voters or Would-Be Voters-

Sick and tired of politics as usual? Sick of nothing but corruption, scandals, dirty money, and on and on? Sick of the two major party “machines” making all the decisions?

Then help send shock waves through Illinois (and U.S.) politics on November 7th!

Rich Whitney, Green Party Candidate for Governor, can win this November! Rich is on the ballot. His poll numbers keep climbing – as Blagojevich and Topinka’s decline – because people are sick of them, and the more people know about Rich, the more they like him.

*Green Party candidates take NO corporate money!

*Rich Whitney will push for universal health care!

*Rich Whitney will fund education – not with casinos!

*Rich Whitney will represent the people – not the elite!

Agree or disagree with all of Rich’s positions, you KNOW where he stands. With the other two, you NEVER know where they stand – it always depends on the highest bidder.

We can do it! Here’s you come in. You know how well e-mail can work – please forward this to everyone you know, paste it on MySpace, Facebook, and other places, and let’s take back our State! If you’re not in Illinois, please consider donating – or at least pass this on to others.

This is truly a grassroots effort of, by, and for the citizens of Illinois!

For more information:


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