Autism I have just heard a very disturbing conver…


I have just heard a very disturbing conversation about Autism. “In the last 10 years autism has gone from 1 in 2,500 children to 1 in 166 or 1 in 80 boys.” (Info coming from Here.)

Please read the above linked article.

It seems this increase is coming from a mercury based preservative in vaccines called Thimerosal. “Prior to 1989, American infants generally received three vaccinations (polio, measles-mumps-rubella, and diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis). In the early 1990s, public health officials dramatically increased the number of Thimerosal-containing vaccinations without considering the cumulative impact of the mercury load on developing brains.”

Please read the above linked article.

The possible connection is protcted from lawsuits.

“a provision that changes the definition of “vaccine” for purposes of the no-fault Vaccine Injury Compensation Program to include preservative. Huh? This gem—snuck into the bill in the wee hours by an anonymous Congressperson—means that Eli Lilly and other drug companies who put mercury-based chemicals suspected of causing autism in children in their vaccines can’t be sued! Not only that, but the bill reaches back in time to wipe out a slew of lawsuits that are (or were) pending—suits by families who have good reason to believe that Lilly’s foul-up caused the tragic, and costly, autism of their sons and daughters.”

The good thing is you can request Thimerosal free vaccines for your children, but it may not be covered by state sponsored insurance companies.


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