Random Bloggitude I have a couple of things I wan…

Random Bloggitude

I have a couple of things I want to write about, so bear with me.

First things is to let you know the subconcious is an amazing thing. It does things you do not realize until you feel the results. For those who do not know, i have been preliminarly diagnosed with an Inguinal hernia. My family doctor believes he felt one in my recent physical. I have an appointment later today with a general surgeon for a consultation. The results of this will probably lead to surgery to repair the hernia. I am fine with this, as it is what needs to be done. My mind is at ease and I am not stressing it. At least conciously. Last night was a different matter. Mal has been a good boy recently and sleeping through the night, but last night he had to go potty in the middle of the night. When I woke up for this i noticed a couple of things. 1. My head was barely resting on the pillow; 2. My jaw was very tight; 3. I had a massive headache. What I think happened was all the stress I am not feeling conciously re: the hernia came to the fore last night and settled itself in my neck and jaw. I took some tylenol and went to sleep and slept fine, but now my neck feels like I have been doing neck bridges all night and my jaw feels like I have been eating a rubber tire.


I saw on the little tv in the elevator that 20 years ago Crocadile Dundee was the number one movie at the box office. It got me thinking about my grandparents, and how their influence, probably subconciously, encouraged my love a live arts (theater, music, etc.) You see, I can only think of three movies my grandparents ever saw in the movie theater. I know they saw Corcadile Dundee and loved it so much that when part 2 came out they saw it. The only other movie I know they saw, and I think it was only grandma not grandpa, was the time we took the bus from their house to the mall to see The Rescuers.

How does this lead to my love of live arts? Well, for as long as I can remember they would have season tickets to The Muni, an outdoor summer theater in my hometown. They have them to this day. And for years and years they had season tickets to the Springfield Theatre Centre. We would go on Tuesday nights during the summer to Douglas Park, as a family, to hear the Municipal Band concerts. We went to Springfield High School to hear the old Orpheum Theater Organ. They would come to every single performance my brother or I were in…without exception. They love live performance. And I think it rubbed off…Thanks Grandma and Grandpa.


In January of 2005 I posted that my cousin Phil was on his way to Iraq only to get diverted to the Tsunami region. Well, I just heard from my mom that he and his crew have been redeployed to Iraq. Pray from them as they head over for their 2nd tour of Hell.


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