ENOUGH!!! warning…a rant..personal attacks, swe…


warning…a rant..personal attacks, swearing, poor grammar and the lot…you have been warned.

The damned hypocritical so-called Christian House Members and Senators are so full of themselves and full of shit.

Let me put is this as simply as possible…

Torture is not a Christian value. It has not a damned thing to do with terrorism. It has not a damned thing to do with war. It has to do with human decency. It has to do with treating our enemies is if they are Christ. Christ is present in them. Christ is in us.

Stipping away of human rights is not a Christian value. If I hear anyone of these people claiming the moral highground and saying that “strenous means” are needed to get info from detainees, i say kiss my ass.

If stripping away our rights and getting rid of heabeaus corpus is meant to protect us, once again i say you are full of it. It does exactly what the enemies want. They want to change who we are as people. They want us to live in terror (they are called terrorists for Gods sake).

And for all you wishy-washy congress people…grow a damned spine. If you are scared that standing up for human rights will get you smeared by the opponent, and you say nothing…you deserve to be smeared and kicked out of office…

on the other hand if you are smeared standing up for what is right…you can hold your head high…

You, Mr President should be ashamed of your self. You are a despicable human being. I do not say things like that lightly. You and your cronies have been abusing people left and right, and when your supreme court says enough, you have the audacity to want to change the law. You have broken the law, sir, and what you have done is a felony under that law. You should be removed from office, triedm and sent to prision. Instead, you send a bill to the hill that will retroactively give you immunity from these crimes. AND allow you to continue them.

I do not care if your spy friends read this, I have to say, sir, you are a piece of trash and a reprehensible human with no conscious.

Please do not give me the we live in a post 9/11 world. You, sir, are responsible for much of the crap hitting the fan. You did nothing to prevent the attacks…you went on vacation. You can not stand the fact that people criticize you, so you call us unpatriotic, un Christian, un American. You sir act like you have never gotten out of the 10th Grade. You need to grow up and begin to take responsibilty for your actions.

I am sick of the bs.

thanks…needed to get that off me chest


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