I love this city.

I picked up today’s Red Eye because of its cover headline, “What Color Is Your Neighborhood?”

I am glad to say I live in one of the most diverse in the city, and worship in the most diverse.

I live just on the north border of Uptown. Here is the breakdown presented in the paper:
39.2% Non-Hispanic White
22% Black
14.2% Asian
23.2% Hispanic
16.3% Other

I worship with Reconciler in Rogers Park, the most diverse neighborbood in thecity:
29.7% Non-Hispanic White
30.3% Black
7.2% Asian
32.8% Hispanic
19.8% Other

Edgewater where NSBC has the larges population of Sub-Saharan Africans. When Ghana beat the US in the world cup, Broadway Ave. had people cheering for their homeland.

Chicago as a whole is pretty evenly split, in 5 years, us non-Hispanic whites will be a real minorty…kind of cool.

29.6% Non-Hispanic White
34.8% Black
4.9% Asian
29% Hispanic
19.7% Other

Like I said, I love this city, and especially the neighbor hood I live in.


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