22 1/2 That is how many hours I have now been up….

22 1/2

That is how many hours I have now been up.

I woke at 6:30 Friday morning, it is now 4:50 Saturday morning. This is not due to insomnia or some other ailment, but because I have spent the past 8 hours at my first film shoot. My friend Kate is one of the costumers for the movie, which is a short called Never. She needed pirates, and being the fuzzy type, i guess she thought I fit the bill.

Making movies is a lesson in hurry up and wait. The actors call was for 8pm and we did not shoot the part I am involved in until 3:30. Not that I am complaining, it was fun and everyone is great.

Needless to say, I am tired. You see, my beautiful wife is up in Iowa this weekend with the car. I have been riding my bike to and from work/gym for the past month or so, and so, it is not a problem to bike to and from the shoot. But riding the bike home at 4 in the morning is something else. There were a couple moments when I was a little more scared than I get riding downtown at rush hour. Mostly cabs who are stalking patrons, or arbitraily stopping in the middle of the road with no flashers or anything.

I did get a propostion form some sligtly drunk co-eds to ride my on my handlebars. I did hear a guys drunkenly yelling at someone on his cell phone. I did hear a couple trying to decided if someone was gay or not. I did see someone kicking some major butt air drumming in the backseat.

I did see, as I turned east on to my street, the sky fading from deep dark blue to a beautiful turquoise. I do hear the birds singing.

I am going to bed.


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