Let’s All Go To The Movies, Let’s All Go To The Movies

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Clive, originally uploaded by CelticWander.

Last night Mae and I went to a movie. More accurately, Mae, Trish, Tripp and I went to a movie. Actually, Mae, Trish, Tripp, about 1200 other people and I went to a movie last night. We all went to Kate’s and Larry’s movie. We went to the world premier of Say Hello To Clive For Me at the Pickwick Movie Theater.

Kate was the art director for the movie, and Larry co-wrote the script. It was a fun little crime drama/comedy in the veign of Oceans 11 and more had the style of the English Crimainal movies like Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrells. It was quite fun. They began filming the movie about a year ago, and wrapped on our wedding day.

It was fun to go to a premier, everyone dressed up all nice and stuff. Mae looked fabulous. Trish looked like a movie queen in her black and white. And Tripp and I wore kilts. What would you expect. (I hope to have pictures soon.)

Afterward we went to IHOP.

All in all a good night!


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