Bob I just received a call from my mom informing …


I just received a call from my mom informing me that Bob passed away last night. Bob was like an uncle to me.

Bob and my cousin (dad’s cousin) Kathleen had been together for 30 years. Bob was one of those guys, like my dad, that anyone who knew him will not soon forget. He had a great sense of humor, could be and was very serious when something demanded his attention, and could be counted on.

I remember many things about Bob.

Bob worked at the Illinois National Guard for years. His house was just down the road from Camp Lincoln. I remember being there with Grandma and Grandpa with Kathleen when he would come home in the green fatigues and compat boots.

I remember he and Kathleen at all the summer cookouts growing up.

I remember just sitting at the picnic table with him and his O’Douls.

I rememeber when my little brother was under 5 years old and told him, at my grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary party at the DAV hall, that smoking cigars would kill him.

I remember that that was the last day he ever smoked a cigar, 20+ years ago.

I remember how much he and Kathleen cared for each other, not just romantically, but when times got rough.

I remember he and I both rolling our eyes when he came to my college gradutation in a suit. I was in one, too. Those of you who know either of us know that this was the day hell froze over.

I remember at my wedding, Bob gave me a beer cozy that said, “These are my dress clothes.”

I will always remember Bob.

I will keep praying for Kathleen.


We all loved you


2 thoughts on “Bob I just received a call from my mom informing …

  1. Anonymous says:

    I do remember when we went to the lake to go swimming and fishing he cleaned out all of that moss between my toes. I remember Kathleen saying that I said, get that gross green stuff between my toes off.


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