Clueless As Ususal?

Well, I will jump on to the bandwagon here. Tripp and Mae have both posted about the potential sale of the port security to a state owned company of the United Arab Emirates.

I just want to add that now President Bush said he was unaware of the pending sale of shipping operations. I think this is more frightening than the fact that this is happening at all. The president was unaware of a major national security issue until it was already approved by his administration? That is absolutely absurd. If anything, I think that is a major dereliction of duty on his part. It is HIS administration, shouldn’t he know what is going on?

And, he is threatening to veto any legislation that would prevent the sale. This is the man who has never vetoed a bill in his entire tenure in office. He is going to veto a potential national security threat, but he will not use the veto pen to oppose immoral legislation. His priorities are seriously screwed up.

And for those right wingers throwing out their typical uncritical talking points, this is not a racial issue. I do not think the British Company in charge now should be. This is about cronyism. His buddies stand to benefit. For example Dave Sanborn. A cheif executive of DP World who has been appointed a Maritime Adminstrator. Proof is here and here.

I am not an alarmist, but the more I think about these frigtening people in power the more concerned I get. He has gone uncheck since his election and now that absolute power is beginning to corrupt absolutely and we all suffer.

[Update 4:23 pm — I did a little digging and the last time Bush threatened a veto was when the Senate was working on the anti-torture amendment. This guy is just screwed up.]


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