Paying For The War II

I came across this article in today’s Chicago Sun-Times.

Because of spending cuts in Bush’s propsed budget up to 14,000 elderly in Chicago could loose supplemental food. The Commodity Supplemental Food Program is slated to be eliminated. It is a relatively inexpensive program in governmental term, $107 million. It provides shelf stable food for low income elderly.

The government wants to shift the receipeints of this program to food stamps. That sounds good, except for the fact that those on the CSFP program may not qualify for food stamps. Or they may not have the means or ability to make it to stores. They may be just above the cut off, due to pensions or other income. Mr. Daugherty, the receipiant interviewed in the artlice, already gets $15/month in food stamps. But due to additional cuts that amount will be reduced to $5/month. That is right, he could loose $50/month of shelf stable foods and in return he get $5 to Jewel per month. I dare you, go to Jewel and feed yourself for a month on $5.

Budgets are moral documents. They should be written to ensure that the “least of these” are cared for. How can we expect those we are now occupying to trust us with their well being, if we can not even take care of our own. By caring for the poor, we can show the world that we are a human and humble country.


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