First Time For Everything

I had my first actor’s nightmare last night. It was aweful.

I do not normally remember dreams, so the fact I remember this says alot.

Feel free to give intrepreations in the comment…curious about it…

Here goes:

For some reason I was running late getting to the show, not sure why, I just remember being late. Once at the theater I could not find costume pieces since the laundry was done over the break. I miss the scene leading into mine so I intend to enter the stage during the cross-fade into my scene and the one previous. I have no lines in the previous scene, so only my presence is missed. As I prepare to enter the scene doing the military march routine we do, the stage is 3x the size (up until now, everthing has been “normal’), I am missing my gloves and 2 essential props. At this point all hell breaks loose. The stage is huge; the jail cell is in 3 parts, as opposed to one piece flown in; and everyone is improving, ok, I can deal with that; the audience starts adlibbing; yelling; Ted Kennedy is one of the “prisoners” in the scene, except for it is 1980 canidate Kennedy, not the one we see today. We start doing the scene (Teddy and Me). My pulse is through the roof. The curtain comes down and we try to reset the chaos of the scene. The curtain comes up and the same thing happens.

Very Weird….not the typical actor’s nightmare. I have my clothes on, I know my lines, but that does not seem to matter, since everyone seems to be adlibbing

What think you???


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