Effin’ Hypocrites

Over at Street Prophets I came across this diary. I probably should not be blogging right now because I am so angry.

If you remember back in March the President flew back to Washington DC from Crawford, TX to take care of the Terri Schivo issue. Dr. Frist had diagnosed her via a 3 minute video tape, and everyone was fighting for her. I am torn about what “should” have happened, but I think I would side with the husband, but that is not what this blog is about. This is about the classist, racist, hypocritical law in Texas that allowed a conscious woman to die. Ms. Schivo may or may not have been consious, but Tirhas Habtegiris, a legal immigrant from Africa, was, and she was told on Dec. 1 that the medical staff was pulling her life support plug in 10 days.

She knew she would not make it long, but wanted to remain on life support until her mother arrived from Africa. But that would take a little while. In the meantime she had become a burden to the Republic of Texas since she did not have insurance. You see, when Pres. Bush was Gov. he vetoed a bill that would have put the the sole decision of advance directive into the hands of the patient or proxy. Instead the bill remained the same and allows for the state to decide that they will no longer cover the patients medical expenses, and allow for the medical facility to pull the plug regardless of the patient/proxy’s directive. So, because a person is poor, the state can decide when their life should end.

Where are the protesters with red tape over their mouths? Where are the high and mighty preachers? Where are the vacationing congress members flying back to Washington? Where the hell are they? Is not Ms. Habtegiris’s life just as valuable as Ms. Schaivo’s? Or is it less vaulable becasue she can not afford insurance? Because she is poor, and an immigrant?

If these two faced sons of bitches in Washington are going to slap us around with this “Culture of Life” mantra, they better be fighting for everyone, not just their base. White Christian good looking women are not the only people who suffer. They are the one’s everyone pays attention to, but there are more. There is the poor immigrant in Texas, there is the laid off factory union member, there is the Arab American, there is the crack baby…these are lives, too! But what do we expect for a society that kills it’s own in some sort of Divine Judgement.

If you care so much about a “Culture of Life”, how about you proove it? Pass laws that protect the vunerable. Pass Healthcare. Ban the Death Penalty. Provide adoption outlets that do not cost an arm and a leg. Take care of the least of these. If you are going to claim the mantle of Christianity and shove it in the face of everyone you meet, you best well live into it fully. You can not pick and choose.

Noone…ever should know the day they will die.


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