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eddieshirttitle3hq, originally uploaded by CelticWander.

Last night was a tribute show to Eddie Guerrero. It was a truly moving show. It opened with a 10 bell salute with all the wrestlers out on the stage. There is nothing as emotionaly jarring as seeing a 7′ 500# man weeping.

It was followed up by a memorial video set to Johnny Cash’s version of Hurt.

Throughout the night clips of Eddie’s career were show. Interviews with his friends in the back. And matches in his memory.

The final match was with the world champ. At the end of the match he took off the t-shirt he was wearing, which was one of Eddie’s, and laid it in the middle of the ring, and layed the belt across the waist.

This image is burned into my brain. It was so moving. And appropiate, as in amateur wrestling when a wrestler retires or passes, his shoes are set in the middle of the ring.


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