Preemptive Strike

Ok, for those of us who are political junkies, we are following this Plame thing. It is looking like Scooter Libby, VP Cheney’s chief of staff, will get indicted today for making false statements to a grand jury.

For all of my Republican friends, don’t start cryin that this is a partisan attack and that indicting on making false statements is just a way to make the Grand July not look like a waste of time.

All I have to say to that cry baby defense is remember that making false statements to a grand jury led to the impeacment of the President of the United States.

Do not say perjury is a technicallity. Remeber it is what lying about ones personal sex life that led to the impeachment of the POTUS.

Also, remember Clinton lied about having an affair (which is awful), but Libby and probably Rove are lying about commiting TREASON.


Update Noon: Scotter was indicted on 5 counts: 2 perjury, 2 making false statements, 1 obsruction of justice


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