The Satruday Update

Here is Lynn’s update for 9/10

September 10, 2005

Today took our team to various shelters in the area. The Plaquemine group has now been on site since Thursday, and the residents are calling us by name. Our first baby “arrived” at the shelter this afternoon. She was born the 7th by C-Section. We have a crib set up next to a hospital style bed for mom. The rest of the family is sleeping next to her on a mattress. Just imagine what this family is going through bringing their new bundle home – to a homeless shelter with 411 people! Please pray that the mother and baby remain healthy until they can find permanent housing.

Our three year old who they thought had leukemia – has severe mono! Who would have thought you could be thankful for mono? Infectious diseases are being kept at bay. Treating boils, wound care, and dispensing meds was the order for today. Our medical clinic has now moved into an emergency care center now that the basic needs have been met.

Tomorrow, most of our team is coming with us. There is a tremendous need to play with these children. They have nothing to do on the weekend, and are beginning to go stir crazy. Our “non medical” team is going to play with the kids, scrub floors, and spray down beds and living areas.

Today a group of mental health workers arrived to help. The local school is having a difficult time with not only the influx of children, but behaviors as well. These children are given tons of candy, and are not getting enough sleep. They are in new schools that may be different than what they are used to. I hope to meet with the Supt. of Schools tomorrow, and together with the mental health workers we are going to start some parenting sessions, and an after school homework club. I hope to get into the schools on Monday to see what else we can do to help. Imagine that – me working with school children! (For those of you who do not know me, I am the Director of Curriculum for CCSD #46).

Our Fort Wayne Seminarians arrived safely tonight, after their bus accident in Memphis. Another group has arrived from Northern Illinois and will be joining us tomorrow. Volunteers are scheduled here through the 23rd and more calls are coming in. It is amazing to see everyone working together to help those less fortunate than themselves!

God Bless them all!


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