This quote (found on page 3) made my stomach almost wretch. This is from Homeland Security Cheif Michael Chertoff:

“The critical thing was to get people out of there before the disaster,” he said on NBC’s “Today” program. “Some people chose not to obey that order. That was a mistake on their part.”

Mr. Chertoff, have you seen the photos of the people who stayed? No? Well, most of them are the poor, the elderly, the unemployed, the homeless, those who have no way to get out of town, those who have not the money to catch a bus out of town. How about instead of blaming them for their state of afairs, you look in the mirror. There were 36+ hour of warning for this storm. There could have been convoys prepared for those who could not get out on their own. They could have been plans in place to move people from the Superdome in case something like this happened.

Urf…sorry to keep posting this stuff, but if I do not get it off my chest I will be ill.


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