Happier News

Chris Jones in today’s Chicago Tribune has a great article about the beauty of Chicago theater.

Here is my favorite quote:

t’s easy to think other cities must have something like this wonder. They don’t. Most of them cannot hold the community together. And they don’t have our tradition – of edgy comedy, of actors who look like actual people, of grit on the stage, of the sweat of self-revelation on the performer’s brow. They don’t have the Chicago actor’s stubborn willingness to go on with the show for 10 people in the house. They don’t have our capacity and love of probing the dark underbelly of the art and of life. They don’t have the sheer fun of being able to pick from scores and scores of live shows to see each and every Saturday night. We think the Chicago theater scene is a wonder. Unique. And the very life-beat of Chicago itself.


One thought on “Happier News

  1. Carol says:

    Justin, When I read this in the Tribune I thought of you, Trish, our Godspell cast, and all the other fabulous theatre people I have gotten to know in Chicago. It is a poetic and accurate description of the theatre I have been privileged to experience through all of you.

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