Who Says?

There has been a lot of nay saying about Howard Dean and his leadership of the DNC and his courting of the Netroots community. Well, yesterday in Ohio they had a special election to fill a vacant House seat, and a repbulican won. But there are NO tears being shed by Netroots and Democratic party…well the party maybe, becausse the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee did nothing until it looked like Iraqi War Vet Paul Hackett might actually win. The Netroots were behind him from the begining raising over $30,000/day in the last week and a half of the the campaing. What does this have to do with Chaiman Dean? Well you see the 2nd District of Ohio is 70% republican. In fact the the reuslts from 1998-2004 have been about 75% for the Republican candidate and 25% for the Democrat candidate. That is why the DCCC did not give a hoot about this race. BUT, Dean’s strategy is that every Republican seat in the House is up for grabs. He is giveing the power back to the states and allowing them to choose thier candidate and letting the people build the candidate. Not letting the establishment in DC pick the candidate (something they started doing in the Clintion era, and we see how good that has worked.).

So, what happend in a 70% Republican district when the people are allowed to run a campaing…The Democrat lost by less than 4,000 votes or about 4%…hell of a lot better than the 50% margins of the last elections…

This is a new democracy!


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