The Poem

This is the poem that my friend Ziggy read at our wedding.

This is for Mae.

As the sun shines in the midday sky; and
The moon makes the tide roll in; and stars
Guide the sailor to the places unknown.
You are my light.

The stones that mark the place of time:
Unmoveable; solid; They tell the story.
Staying in their spot. Unmoving: eternal.
You are my rock.

The trees that give shade to those who tire, and
food to those who hunger; shelter to the
weak, and rest to the weary.
You are my refuge.

As the water falls down the rock and
Carves it story. As it leaves its
mark in the canyon floor, and brings forth beautiful life
You nourish me.

You are my light, my rock, my refuge, and nousihment.
You guide me when I have lost my way.
You are there; solid; unmoving; endless.
You wrap your arms around me; envelop me.
You fill me in body, mind, and soul.

The endlessness of the gifts of creation;
Tell the story of my love to you.
The pieces that have been in place since the
Begining of time are the reminders of
All you mean to me.

Brother Sun and Sister Moon;
Brother Wind and Sister Water;
Brother Fire and Sister Mother Earth;
All are gifts; since the begining

With the eternity of these gifts,
I give you my all. For as long as they
Have been on earth, and for as long as they remain;
My love for you will join them: everlasting.


2 thoughts on “The Poem

  1. kate says:

    Oh, sure, *make* me cry at work!!

    Not that I read your blog when I should be working or anything ….

    Hey, J, by the way, you may want to change your profile as saying you’re MARRIED now instead of engaged to your Teen Grrl Squad Lady!!!!!!

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