Woo Woo Is Missing

Ronnie ‘Woo Woo’ Wickers is missing

From the MSNBC website:


CHICAGO – Ronnie “Woo Woo” Wickers’ famous chant hasn’t been heard inside Wrigley Field lately.

Wickers’ wife reported him missing on June 29. After this story was posted on NBC5.com, several viewers have e-mailed to say they have spotted the Woo Woo in recent days at sporting events and an Independence Day parade.

Police said they don’t know where Wickers was last seen, but said this is not the first time he has disappeared.

Woo Woo was last reported missing in 2002, when he went to visit friends. Then again in 1987 when he failed to show up for the Cubs’ home opener. At that time, he was working and couldn’t get off.

Woo Woo has been a staple at Cubs games since the 1960s.

I hope Woo Woo is safe. I talked with him for about 10 minutes after a game last year, and he is a sweet sweet man.


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