The Time Has Come

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Mae on the Phone, originally uploaded by CelticWander.

Aint she cute.

No, this is not a good by cruel world blog post. This is a, HEY I AM GETTING MARRIED on Saturday post.

Yup. Saturday at 4 pm the wedding begins. I am guessing about 4:15 we will officially be married. If I am timing things right, that is when the preachers release the mojo. Ain’t holy mystery grand!

I have know Mae for roughly 2.5 years, 1.5 of that we have been engaged. It has been a fantastic time. Really, eventhough most of that time was 400 miles apart. I think that may even have helped strengthen the relationship.

I am excited about this. Those who konw me find this hard to believe, as I am one who usually does not show emotion outwardly. But last night I was cleaning the apartment, and I couldn’t stop. Anyone who knows me knows this is a sure sign something is up. I tend to live with the Radar O’Reilly system of stuff. Piles, i like piles and i know where things are.

Any way. The next time I post I will be a married man.

Have fun everyone and be happy


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