I Know I Am A Geek

when I yell at the streaming video of CSPAN on my computer at work.

These people are drive me nuts. The debate is about Justice Brown for the Appellate Court in DC. The dems bring up relevant material. It took Sen. Boxer 15 minutes to read the list of Civil Rights organizations that opposed the Justice’s nomination. But I hear the same three things from the republicans…she is the daughter of share-croppers, she got 75% of the vote for retention and our favorit…upperdownupperdownupperdown that is all Frist says.

The think that cause me to yell at the computer was the who 75% thing. It sounds like a lot, but she was unopposed. They say there were 4 other justices on the ballot and she got the highest…her name starts with a B it was on the top of the list…we all know how people vote on judges…how many? Ok. Punch 1,2 and 3



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