A Hero

“We must recognize the full human equality of all our people – before God, before the law, and in the councils of government. We must do this not because it is economically advantageous – although it is; not because the laws of God and man command it – although they do command it; not because people in other lands wish it so. We must do it for the single and fundamental reason that it is the right thing to do.”
Day of Affirmation Address, University of Capetown, South Africa, June 6, 1966

Yesterday was the 35th anniversary of the murder of Robert F. Kennedy.

I have always admired RFK. A complex man. A broken man. A man of honesty.

His views on the world seem so radical, right now, amidst all of the conflict and apparent hatred. His view of equality amongst all peoples of the world. His hope for tomorrow. His quest for social justice.

His concern for the “right” in our nature stikes a cord that resonates to all people. We all seek the right. We seek the fullness of humanity: the love of our brothers and sisters, and to love our enemies. His views were put so simply, “[I]t is the right thing to do.”


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