In a Tizzy

[Note: I wrote this on Friday, but Blogger was down, so here it is now!]

I just read this amazing artilce in the Suntimes.

It seems our friend, Rush, got worked in a tizzy after reading this article about an international studies class in Evanston. In this class students participate in mock Iraqi elections, peace talks on Kashmir and many other hands on educational activites.

Rush said about these students, while espousing his disdain about multi-culturalism, “[They] don’t know anything about World War II” and “they’ve probably never heard the name Adolf Hitler.”

Well, the kids have called him out. “‘I think [a debate] would be great because then we’d prove him wrong and open up his opinion a little bit,’ Sarah Loeb, an ETHS sophomore, said Thursday.”

So, far he has not accepted the offer to a debate. Hmmm…

If he would look at test resuts from the school he would discover he was wrong, but what can we expect from the guy who claims 75% of minimum wage earners are 16 year olds working thier first jobs.


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