A Man of God

From the Taize e-newsletter. Bother Roger has been and continues to be a healing force in the Body of Christ.

Taizé celebrates discreetly Brother Roger’s 90th birthday
Last Thursday, 12 May, the Community celebrated Brother Roger’s 90th birthday. According to his wish, the day was marked by discretion. He was nevertheless touched by the numerous messages he received: from young people, women, men, from many countries, who wanted to offer him a sign of affection and gratitude. Messages reached him from Pope Benedict XVI, from Orthodox Patriarch Alexis II of Moscow, from Metropolitans Cyril of the Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow and Philaret of Minsk. Brother Roger received letters of friendship from the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, from Bishop Huber, president of the Council of the German Protestant Churches, from Cardinal Lehman, president of the German Bishops’ Conference, from the Swiss Protestant Federation and the Swiss Bishops’ Conference, from Cardinal Danneels of Brussels, from Archbishop Kiet of Hanoi, and from
bishops in the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, France, and elsewhere. From these numerous messages, perhaps we can retain just the beautiful expression of Bishop Huber: “Thank you for the work of your hands that, joined together in prayer, bring together the two families of the Churches in the West.”


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