Here’s Your Chance

For all the pro-war members of the blogosphere.

Here is your chance to join the fight. All branches of the armed forces are short of their recuiting goals. You wanted it…here is the chance. Go and sign up! I dare ya. Or is it not really that important?

Maybe this is a reality check for the actual attitudes toward the war. Maybe parents are talking their kids out of enlisting. Maybe kids are seeing that this war is not all it is chalked up to be. Maybe our leaders will wake up and see that if this war is to continue they should stop being the chicke-hawks they are and put their feet to the fire. Maybe…just maybe this will be a wakeup call. A clarion bell. Maybe people see they have been lied to, and maybe they are telling the powers that be to shove it.

Those over there now are not re-enlisting in the numbers hoped for either. Those over there are giving their lives daily for asses who want to fight, but are not willing to do so themselves.

So, if you think this war is just and right…go ahead and enlist…Uncle Same Wants You.


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