Culture of errr…Life?

The moral majority (nearly, but not all of the Republicans) in both houses of congress passed a budget last night. Bravo. They made cuts. Kudos. They are cutting taxes. Huzzah.

BULLSHIT (sorry, ma, but I am angry)

They decided to cut $10 billion from medicaid/care while making $106 billion in tax cuts. Something does not add up to me. Right now the deficit is spiraling out of control. The economy is starting to falter (if it really had an uptick to begin with). Energy prices are up. Costs of living are increasing every where.

More and more people are loosing health insurance, and the culture of lifers in congress just passed a budget that CUTS the program that is meant to help these people. Shoot, it could be anyone of us in a heartbeat. 1/3 of the spending cuts voted on in this budget come from the program that is meant to help least fortunate of our brothers and sisters. These asses in congress just voted to cut aid to what would have kept their most recent martyr alive. These are the people who claim that every life is sacred. In watching their actions, I guess that means until you are born and until your end comes. Everything in between, shoot, survival of the fittest, baby.

Not only are the least among us getting shafted, but those not even among us yet are being told to bend over and pick up the soap. So, cutting aid and taxes in order to??? What? I don’t get it. We are in a fiscal crisis and the best they can do is cut taxes? I don’t get the logic here. So, hypothetically, my company is in the red, so I give people raises? You know what happens when we start spending money we don’t have, and we don’t pay back…Yep…Those pesky collection agencies start a callin’. You know what happens when you kick the bucket and have mountains of debt? Nope, it doesn’t dissappear…your kids have to pay it. In this case our grandkids will be paying for the stupidity of this generation. God Help Them. My prediction is that by the time my grandkids are my age, this country will no longer be a superpower. It will be an indentured servant to all those we owe.

Now, why do I have this bee in my bonnet? Well, I know, first hand what good medicare does. You see, my dad was diabetic for my entire life. He lived a good, happy, loving life…even if I was a pain in the butt. But something happened the summer before my freshman year of high school. He got a diabetic ulcer on his foot. It became infected, and, as a result of nearly 20 years of diabetes, it became gangrenous (due to lack of circulation. You see diabetes slowly calcifies the capillaries and then the bigger blood vessels, thus reducing/elimating circulation.) He had to have half of his foot amputated, but that became infected and the rest of his leg below the knee was sent to the incenerator. During this time he lost his job due to being in the hospital so long (this was before the Family and Medical Leave Act, so it was legal.) My parents, both extremely proud and lovely people, had to juggle some finances to pay for things, now that his insurance was gone. Now, mind you this was about 15 years ago before medical costs were as outrageous as they are now. Eventually they had to bite the bullet and apply for disability and medicare/aid. Over the next 7 years my dad had his other leg amputated, 7 of his 10 fingers amputated, became confined to a wheelchair due to calcification of the vessels in the balance center of the brain, lost weight, became almost jaundiced, went from a lovely dark head of hair to a classy silver (he was proud of how dignified he looked with a mane of silver hair), had a heart attack that could have been treated had the vessels in his heart not calcified to the point that they would have shattered if an angioplasty was performed, and died. July 1998.

Through this time he was on medicare/disabilty. It paid for a majority of the medical bills. It helped to supplement my mom’s income in order to give us a living wage. My mom has not had a real vacation in as long as I can remember. The day I can afford to send this saint on a carribean cruise, I will…THAT IS A PROMISE. We were able to make it due in part to help from the very programs the so-called Culture of Lifers voted to cut. I challenge them to look me in the eye and say cuts should/must be made to this program. Couldn’t the tax cuts, that none of us will see since they are for the rich, been made to $10 billion less? We can afford a tax cut, but not to take care of our own. Culture of life my foot.


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