The Power of Many

I regulary read Daily Kos. It is a Democratic blog. They have a system where you can post diaries, or mini blogs. Well sometime some amazing things come of these. A few months ago, a vet needed some help, and it came…in droves.

Yesterday a diaist named Turtle Bay posted this diary. He tells about his girlfriend who is a teacher at a public school in NYC that caters to kids just our of juvinile detention. The rough of the rough. The school wants to take these kids to a ranch outside NYC, but, like so many schools around the country, they have no money. Turtle Bay came up with the idea to post at dKos. This appeal has done something amazing. In 1 day, half of the $3000 necessary to take the kids on this trip was raised. Turtle Bay posed a new diary today wich contains an email from his girlfriend saying how grateful and surprised everyone was to the outpouring of gifts from people all over the country. Turtle Bay has the great idea to make them really surprised. He is appealing for the other half to be raised today. If you have a few spare cents, click here for info on the paypal account that Turtle Bay has set up. I don’t have the spare change, so I figured this is how I can do my part.

(as of this posting they are already at $2,130 of the $3000.)

[UPDATE: $3,000+ Raised…I will keep you updated on the final totals]

[UPDATE 2: From the Diary:
Total Contributions Raised:
Total Contributors:

The Diary Update contains notes from the teacher and a caseworker at the school.

This is a truly amazing act. $3,000+ raised in 24 hours for kids that people have forgotten about.

Tears come to my eyes. ]


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